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.htaccess 04 - Multiview

Verify 'Options +Multiview' instruction in .htaccess file works. This instruction directs a user to the correct version of the same file base on language. The language is specified by passing in 'accept-language: en-us' HTTP header. When 'Options +Multiviews' is in .htaccess and request is for 'index.html' the header will cause Web site to show 'index.html.en' version of the file.

This test will make a call with the header 'accept-language: en-us' to request 'index.html' and verify 'index.html.en' is shown. It will then make another call with header 'accept-language: es-mx' to request 'index.html'. Then verify that '' file is shown.

.htaccess File:
Options +MultiViews