Hosting Test Site Domain:
.htaccess 2 - Redirect

Verify 'Redirect' in .htaccess file properly works. Send request for '/htaccess/test_content/allowed/fileinfo/redirect/index.html', the 'Redirect' instruction in the .htaccess should return page 'redirect.html'. The test is successful if Web page returned is that of 'redirect.html'.

The test constructs and writes out the .htaccess file. The .htaccess file needs to contain domain and IP specific to the hosting account being created. So the 'php/redirect.php' file will create the .htaccess file with needed content and save it into the 'test_content/allowed/fileinfo/redirect' folder.

.htaccess File:
Redirect 301 /htaccess/test_content/allowed/fileinfo/redirect/index.html http://<Web Site IP>/htaccess/test_content/allowed/fileinfo/redirect/redirect.html
Header set Host "<Web Site Domain>"