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PYTH1 - PYBriefCase

This test uses a small open source app called PYBriefcase to test python functionality. The app uses two different Python (.py) files along with a config file to create a web-based means to upload files and then display the uploaded files.

The application requires that both Python files are executable (CHMOD /briefcase/ & /briefcase/ to 755).

The app also requires that the briefcase directory and the two .ini files are writable (CHMOD /briefcase/ & /briefcase/conf.ini & /briefcase/files.ini to 766).

After changing the permissions on the necessary files and directory, you are ready to run the test. The PYBriefcase interface will ask for a password (GoDaddy1) and allow you to browse your system for a file to upload (images work best). A large green checkmark will be displayed if the upload is successful (if it fails, check your permissions again).

Click on the checkmark to return to the file list. You should see your file listed. You can click on the filename to see your uploaded image and confirm the test was successful.