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PHP9 - gdform.php in non-default dir + foreign language support

This test uses a simple form to confirm that 'gdform.php' works when moved to a sub-directory. The 'gdform.php' script is automatically added to the root directory of all new Linux shared hosting accounts.

In order to be run successfully you must specify the email address the form data should be sent to by entering an email address in the Form-Mailer section of the Hosting Manager.

This test also tests multi-language support by using HTML. If foreign language characters are submitted using gdform.php, they should appear in the email as they were submitted. Test this by using the MS Foreign Language bar to submit unique foreign characters in the form below.

Linux form data is sent once an hour, so if this test is successful, you should receive an email with 'gdformphptest html in subdir' in the subject within 1 hour.

Foreign Language Text: