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PHP1 - Ask Receive Open Source Reciprocal Link Program

Windows only - Need to give the links folder write access first through the File Manager program in the HCC

This test utilizes a popular PHP based reciprocal link program to test general PHP functionality. Ask and Receive Reciprocal Link Management software is a Trademark of Edify Group, LLC.

Complete the test by submitting a link request and then logging in as the administrator to approve it.<\/p>

  • Click 'Configuration' button to access admin area.
  • Change admin email to your email (#4).
  • Click 'Save - Creates new configuration file' button to save changes.
  • Click 'Click here to go to the link page' link to access Reciprocal Link page.
  • Click 'Click here to ask for a link on this page' link.
  • Click 'Add You Link' button to submit your link request.
  • Click 'Approve Requested Links' button.
  • Click the radio button to 'Accept' the link request.
  • Click the 'Submit' button.
  • Click the 'Click here to go to your link page' link.
  • Verify the link is displayed on the Reciprocal Link page.

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