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ACCESS1 - Access DB (ASP Photo-Guestbook)

This test utilizes an ASP based photo-guestbook to confirm Access database functionality. Complete the test by submitting a photo entry and then logging in as the administrator to approve and add it to the album.

This test cannot be completed if FrontPage Extensions have been installed. This test requires that Access Database Support has been enabled through the HCC. This test also requires the use of Custom Directory Management via the Hosting Manager to specify READ, WEB, and WRITE permissions on the several directories.

    Steps Before Running Test
  • From the Hosting Manager, enable Access Database Support
  • From the Hosting Manager, go to Directory Management.
  • Create the following custom directories with READ, WEB, and WRITE permissions.
  • Click 'Configuration' button.
  • Change E-mail to your email address and click 'Update Settings'.
  • Click 'Album' link.
  • Click 'Enter a new photograph' link.
  • Browse to a jpg or gif file on your local system, and click 'Upload File'.
  • Click 'Next' to confirm file selection.
  • Enter information for the Title, Owner Name, and Notes (E-mail Address is optional), and click 'Submit'.
  • Click the 'Album' link.
  • Click the 'Admin' link and login with username and password 'GoDaddy'.
  • Click 'Approve Photograph' to the right of the image you uploaded.
  • Click 'Album' link and confirm that the image/guestbook entry have been added successfully.
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