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This test confirms whether Server Side Includes (SSI) are active on the hosting server. It verifies the following SSI commands are functioning properly, 'exec', 'echo', 'if', 'else', 'fsize', and 'include'. A file using SSI is most easily identifiable by its 'shtml' extension.

In some cases these commands have pre-defined variables; the 'Document_URI', 'Date_Local', 'Document_Name', and 'Server_Software' variables of the 'echo' command are verified with this test, but certainly are not all of the pre-defined 'echo' variables.

This test also confirms the successful use of SSI to execute a cgi script ('cgi/ssiexeccgi.cgi' and 'cgi/count.cgi'). In order for this portion of the test to be successful, the 'data' directory must exist with full read, write, and exec permissions (CHMOD 777).

    How to change the permissions on the 'data' directory depends on the program used for FTP:
  • IE - Right click on the 'data' directory and check the boxes for Read, Write, and Execute
  • WS_FTP - In the Remote System window, right click on the 'data' directory, select 'CHMOD (UNIX)', and check all the boxes.
  • For other FTP programs, please consult their respective Help Documentation

Further explanation of the individual SSI tests this test covers can be found within the test itself.