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ASP2 - Web Form Mailer Options

This test will allow you to test the different options of the form mailer.

form_format determines in what format the information is delivered. Its values are 'text', 'csv', 'html', 'xml', and 'default' (same as 'text').

form_order dictates in what order the fields are reported. Its values are 'default' (the same order as they appear on in the form), 'alpha' (alphabetized by field name) or a comma-separated, case-sensitive list of all or some field names.

form_interval determines the frequency and packaging of delivery. To receive one email per form submission, the form_interval values are 'default' (every 10 minutes), 'hourly', and 'daily'. To receive all submissions in an attachment of one email, the form_interval values are 'digest', 'hourly_digest', and 'daily_digest'.

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